Short sentence Why do you think the writer used this? Unfortunately for those who did not think to check your homework for last week is still outstanding. The bikes were very light and had 15 or 16 gears. The food is great. This included a stop at Killiecrankie to stretch our legs. It is also helpful to provide a prediction of what you think will happen next. You might want to track down some speeds which are world record speeds, eg fastest animal, car etc For 2 of the transport choices you should find out how long it would take to travel to a destination of your choice.

We gathered round the fire and toasted marshmallows. Listen to a range of music and respond with ideas, thoughts and feelings through musical activities EXA a, a. The first few songs to learn can be viewed and played on YouTube: SCN a I can report and comment on current scientific news items to develop my knowledge and understanding of topical science. Consequently they have not had the opportunity to tell you about the canoeing, all day hikes archery or biking. The bikes were very light and had 15 or 16 gears. Wednesday, 14 October Activities Today.

Social Studies Research As part of our Africa-Scotland comparison study, in class you have been researching an area of interest buckstone primary school p7 homework Africa such as animals, culture, food, music, geography etc. In addition everyone should be prepared to share any words they have found which are either unusual or you do not understand. We hope the creation of costumes is going well.

Sunday, 1 June P4 – Wed 4 June Words this week are based on Christmas vocabulary. When we got to the top we had lunch then my group came back down the hill.

P7L – task will be explained in class. P7 Show Auditions for the P7 show have started. To support this you will need to: This week all groups have 2 tasks.

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Posted by Buckstone P4 at We had to work together to get up to buckstone primary school p7 homework top, some bits needed real skill and confidence. The food is great. The children have been very busy today. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: When we got into the water we looked like buckstone primary school p7 homework wrestlers because the water puffed out our clothes. Welcome to our Website Our school values encourage us to be: Keep it up the great work. Primary 4D and 4H Homework due Please also finish any incomplete tasks.

The teachers are another big part of our school.

Spelling Activities – Click-here. Our hot showers and hot chocolates awaited us. We had to follow a rope with a blindfold up hill, downhill round trees, under nets, over nets, through barrels and down ditches. Buckstone primary school p7 homework have been blessed with some fabulous weather and just hope that tomorrow will be equally pleasant as a number of groups will be attempting a whole days hill walking.

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We travelled down a stream for a bit then stopped for a lunch break. Explore the lives and teachings of significant figures from world religions to increase my knowledge and understanding of their key beliefs. Words this week are based on vocabulary associated with Maths shape most of which are 2D shape.

Your initial task is to source costumes for the assembly – to help you ‘get into role’. When we saw the cliff we all felt apprehensive and nervous because it was massive!!!

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Friday, 12 September Test – attach file – pdf. The children have managed to capture a few notes about the mountain walk and biking. Email required Address never made public. You should practise your talk so that when you present your findings you should be able to do it confidently using ‘memory joggers’ to help recall what you want to say.

The last slide was buckstone primary school p7 homework, we got to go right in, getting our faces under.

We’ve all enjoyed it so far, it is great being here at Lagganlia and don’t want to leave. Homework will be discussed in class on Tuesday’s during the Literacy Circle Buckstone primary school p7 homework.

The following pupils have outstanding Maths homework. I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them in a historical sequence SOC a Technologies: EXA a Use my voice and musical instruments to discover and experiment with timbre.

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