This field is required. Choosing the right professor isn’t easy! They’ll do the same for you. No ratings found — view all ratings for this professor. The first two tests are very easy I made a 95 on them.

He doesn’t teach the concepts well and makes Ochem 2 that much harder because you have to catch up. However, he isn’t as difficult as some other professors. Hope you had a good semester. Class is easy compared to others, but I’m for it. He goes on meaningless tangents about things that you don’t need to know and then tougher questions will show up on homework. If you are not good at teaching yourself I wouldn’t recommend taking him.

Honestly one of the most approachable professors I’ve had. We’re all counting on you. Once deleted, we can’t bring it back. He goes on meaningless tangents about things that you don’t need colapret homework key know and then tougher questions will show up on homework.

This is a self-disciplined course esp. He focuses a lot on the mechanisms behind the reactions and there is a lot of practice and repetition in class, so if you follow along you learn the material really well. I recommend you go to lecture, multitask, then rewatch his lecture recording on 1. Study his old exams-he re-uses Q’s from here and from his HW. Colapret colapret homework key a solid choice for Organic Chemistry II.

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Colapret’s exams are easy for an ochem classbut I’ve had several friends struggle in his course because he is not a great teacher and they relied too heavily on his lecture notes colapret homework key the first exams.

Colapret has a very weird way of teaching.

If you are someone who needs to understand why colapret homework key works the way it was then I’d stay away. Try to get his old exams because he sometimes reuses old questions.

Easiest tests for Ochem 1 and colapret homework key really willing to listen to regrading concerns during office hours.

Very accessible, fair tests, best OChem professor at UT. IP addresses are logged.

Other reviewers are correct when they colapret homework key he has a weird style of teaching. Rate This Professor Share. Submit a Correction Learn how ratings work. He gets a bad rep, but he’s not at all bad. The exams are very straight forward with no surprises. He’s condescending on Piazza and doesn’t colapret homework key tough examples. The lectures are pretty boring. He posts all of his lectures online, which makes it easy to catch up if you missed class or had trouble focusing it’s usually very early.

Colapret is a nice man and he uses Piazza which is a great colapret homework key though he can be sassy. Choosing the right professor isn’t easy!

John Colapret at University of Texas at Austin – 01

Make sure to pay attention when he does big flowcharts in lecture, because those do appear on tests. Colapret is a great teacher. Yes, colapret is colapret homework key “easier A”, but look at the book. I suggest taking other professors shabbir, iverson if you want to learn the material well. Colapret was a pretty good professor, for the most part.

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Lectures were taped, which was convenient as I have a hard time waking up for a 9: No Would Take Again: This is my second time taking the colapret homework key and I went from failing to a B. Were these reviews helpful?

Colapret is a sweet man. All lectures are recorded, but this makes it very easy to skip class Help out your fellow students. TA’s have never TAed for ochem or him before and weren’t very helpful. Thoroughly read the book.

He’s a colapret homework key guy too. Hope you had a good semester.

OChem 2 is no joke and really a killer. During lecture gives very basic examples but nothing further. There’s this reputation with Colapret that he doesn’t “teach well”.