Apart from foundational and progressively advanced study of the major literary genres or forms such as fiction, poetry and drama, special topic courses will also be offered such as Southeast Asian literatures in English, Children’s literature and Science Fiction as electives. Classes provide a forum for students to share their work and receive responses from professional and student authors in an encouraging and productive environment. Students may select one of three areas of concentration in Development and Public Policy, Finance and Business, or Quantitative Economics. This will provide students with a complete overview of basic dramatic concepts from both China and the West, acting as a theoretical resource for students to draw on when interpreting and writing plays. It offers a four-year undergraduate degree programme, the Bachelor of Communication Studies with honours. The objective of this course is to guide students in the creative writing of fiction.

Because it is about people and the real world, the study of Economics enables students to learn about banking, finance, globalization, and also about broader social issues such as poverty, education, health, and the environment. Programmes Undergraduate Programmes Interdisciplinary Minors. Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. Science and Literature HS For students in transition to the new programme. Students develop solid research and writing skills, and become good problem solvers, with a well-developed critical thinking ability when it comes to analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information.

School of Humanities

It has the 2nd largest nominal GDP in the world, after the continent of Europe and contains 1st World as well as 3rd World countries. It is an interdisciplinary subject, spanning topics from biological science, medical science, neuroscience, to social science. Technology and Social Behavior HA For students in transition to the new programme. Creative writing minor ntu, students of the humanities and social sciences should be able to get a better grasp of the technosciences and how they impact our lives and society.

Students can choose to specialize in comparative literature, Singaporean and Asian literatures, drama, critical and literary theory, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Postmodernism, or Gender Creative writing minor ntu.

Minor Programmes

This course explores the students to the creative writing minor ntu styles of prose writing, which includes lyrical prose, short essay, diary, autobiography, travel writing etc. Various forms of drama are also discussed, such as one-act plays, plays dealing with social issues, the theatre of the absurd, black box theatre, and avant-garde theatre.

We also offer a creative writing minor. Through close textual analysis rhetorically and grammaticallywe examine how film figures and displays meaning. To satisfy the requirements for a Minor in Creative Writing, students must complete at least five courses with at least 15 AUs, including one required course and creative writing minor ntu four electives.

While the programme covers all aspects of traditional literary studies, it also remains constantly alert to new developments in literature and culture. As such, philosophy shapes the way we think and act. This will provide students with a complete overview of basic dramatic concepts from both China and the West, acting as a theoretical resource for creative writing minor ntu to draw on when interpreting and writing plays.

Compulsory course HF Introduction to Creative Writing This course introduces the students to the various genres of creative writing, which includes fiction, prose, poetry, playwriting, cross-media writing etc.

Chinese Poetry First of all, this course guides students in the appreciation of symbols, rhythms, and forms of Chinese poetry and to grasp creative interpretation techniques. It is a versatile discipline with close links to politics, creative writing minor ntu, psychology, business and finance.

The courses included cover areas of economics, psychology, sociology, English literature, philosophy, public administration, history, linguistics, media and journalism and art. The Rise of China HA Creative writing minor ntu Undergraduate Programmes The Minors. The professional training in public policy, political dynamics, international politics, comparative public administration, and global affairs lays a solid foundation for graduates for a possible career in the public, non-profit, or even business sector in Singapore, and in regional and international governmental or non-governmental organisations.

This four-year direct honours programme provides a concrete foundation in both classical and modern Chinese literature, a deeper understanding of Chinese language, and a broader perspective on Modern China and the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia.

This course will discuss cross-media writing creative writing minor ntu all forms, for example literary film adaptations, film scriptwriting, TV scriptwriting, Internet literature, and new media writing. Students will develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, reflective consciousness and other transferable skills, which will enable them to flexibly adapt to the changing circumstances of the world.

There are also opportunities to study abroad at prestigious overseas universities such as Cornell University, Peking University and the University of Creative writing minor ntu California. Philosophy of Technology HY The broad-based undergraduate programme offers students a comprehensive education in psychology: Please apply to nbsreg ntu.

Then, the course will move on to the theatricality and suppositionality valued by Chinese and modern theatrical theory. Prose This course explores the students to the various styles of prose writing, which includes lyrical prose, short essay, diary, autobiography, travel writing etc.

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

English is a vital part of creative writing minor ntu university, and English graduates, equipped with valuable skills in creative and critical thinking, and the vital values of human understanding and empathy, have made significant contributions in the fields of the arts and education, the civil service and business sectors. In Singapore and abroad, opportunities for graduates in psychology are increasing in both government agencies as well as in the private sector.

How does it provoke our responses? Across the three schools students have the opportunity to approach Creative writing minor ntu Studies from a variety of approaches, including film-making, film criticism, film theory, and the history of film, and to respond to film in aesthetic, ethical and cultural contexts, among others.

In this direct honours degree programme, students investigate the key facets of human communicative behaviour by studying a wide range of topics — from how meaning is created to the impact of modern technology on the everyday use of language. The History programme offers foundational courses such as historiography creative writing minor ntu the histories of particular continents, regions and countries.

This will all be formulated in the context of classical and contemporary examples. Students are required to have hands-on practice in writing various styles of prose. Creative writing minor ntu Studies – CS. Go to Advanced Search. Chinese Playwriting This course combines the concepts and practice of theatre and performance. Students who write poems and stories of their own are generally more aware of, and sensitive to the creative writing minor ntu points of how language operates.

Students receive the best training from top professors and practitioners in media and communication. Students may select one of three areas of concentration in Development and Public Policy, Finance and Business, or Quantitative Economics.

These three questions guide our courses in film studies.

Students will not be offered a minor in the same field as his major single degree, creative writing minor ntu degree creative writing minor ntu double major programme. Biotechnology and Society HY One of our approaches creative writing minor ntu to allow students to explore and pursue interdisciplinary minors that cross the boundaries of the various disciplines.

These inventions allow students to explore in a concrete way sociological, economic, historical, linguistic, and psychological verities embedded in everyday life practices, and to imagine new possibilities. HZ This foundational course introduces students to the major literary genres of poetry, fiction and drama and to the literary techniques essential to success in these genres including imagery, voice, dialogue, characterisation, and narration as well as to the processes which drive creative productivity.

Students will complete original assignments in each of these major genres while learning the procedure for work-shopping each other’s products and the benefits of constructive criticism and revision.

There will be a core compulsory course ST History of the Body HH History of Information Technology HH Creative writing encourages conceptual speculation. Art in the Age of Colonialism DD