Video is violating privacy. Out of the 7 compartments, three double domes finished in marble have superb curvature, whilst the rest have curvilinear domes with a central rib in their interior and flat roof above. The mosque was built to commemorate military campaigns against the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji , although construction of the mosque exhausted the Mughal treasury and weakened the Mughal state. Taken on March 2, Bengal Subah Gujarat Subah. Muhammad Imran March 6, at 3: The interior has rich embellishment in stucco tracery Manbatkari and paneling with a fresco touch, all in bold relief, as well as marble inlay.

Herry Johnson September 8, at Lahore , Punjab , Pakistan. Javed Manzil Lahore Museum. The embellishment has Indo-Greek, Central Asian and Indian architectural influence both in technique and motifs. A view of Badshahi Mosque from the Alamgiri Gate.

During the First Anglo-Sikh War inRanjit Singh’s son, Sher Singhused the mosque’s large minarets for placement of zamburahs or light guns which essay on badshahi mosque in urdu used to bombard the supporters of Chand Kaurwho had taken refuge in the besieged Lahore Fort. Lahore was considered a strategic center as it protected the empire from potential invaders from the west.

Mahi Health Tips April 28, at 7: Retrieved 10 September Archived from the original on 27 December Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing. The prayer chamber is very deep and is divided into seven compartments by rich engraved arches carried on very heavy piers.

The Badshah is Meaning of King word so he relate to mosque name. Mirza Qasir Baig October 6, at The building essay on badshahi mosque in urdu officially handed back to the Muslim community by John Lawrencewho was the Viceroy of India. Online Istikhara April 23, at The cells were replaced by open arcades known as dalans. The mosque was built in to in the 2 years and amazing thing was that it was Largest Mosque in the world Record.

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Archived from the original on 1 April Retrieved 24 August After a while, they finally returned it to the Muslims as a good will gesture even though it was in terrible condition. As a gateway to the west, and Persia in particular, Lahore had a strong regional style which was heavily influenced by Persian architectural styles. There are only two inscriptions in the mosque: Thus a four Aiwan plan essay on badshahi mosque in urdu the earlier Delhi Jamia Masjid could not be adopted here.

Hailed as the country’s cultural capital, Lahore — also known as the “Heart of Pakistan” — is rich with many examples of Moghul architecture.

Earlier mosques, such as the Wazir Khan Mosquewere adorned in intricate kashi karior Kashan style tile work, [4] from which the Badshahi Mosque would depart. The sixth Mughal emperorAurangzebchose Lahore for essay on badshahi mosque in urdu the site for his new imperial mosque.

European Adventures of Northern India. On August 14,the Pakistani people celebrated their independence from the British command. Even when the British took control of India, they would use the mosque for their military practices by using the mosque for gun practices, cannons, etc.

Then In the when British Government take over the Subcontinent. The steps leading to the prayer chamber and its plinth are in variegated marble.

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Badshahi masjid information in urdu madshahi mosque or badshahi masjid is most famous masjid in the world evolution writers bought essay here no problem. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

Retrieved 10 January Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. LahorePunjabPakistan.

Continue with Mobile Number. The entrance to the mosque lies on the western side of the rectangular Hazuri Baghand faces towards the famous Alamgiri Gate of the Lahore Fortwhich is located on the eastern side of the Hazuri Bagh.

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View from Iqbal Park. Essay on badshahi masjid in urdu urdu day when is ventolin inhaler coupons in uae save write a personal essay that has something to do with communication and how. Recently a small museum has also been added to the mosque complex. There a re many of mosques in the world are so famous due to their beauty and Designs. Get Plugin is for Essay on badshahi mosque in urdu easily. The interior has rich embellishment in stucco tracery Manbatkari and paneling with a fresco touch, all in bold relief, as well as marble inlay.

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Badshahi Masjid is a biggest masjid i love to visit there is really beautiful this is in lahore city love the weather essay on badshahi mosque in urdu lahore The mosque was built opposite the Essay on badshahi mosque in urdu Fort, illustrating its stature in the Mughal Empire. Javed Manzil Lahore Museum. One of the rooms is said to contain hairs from the Prophet Muhammad’sand that of his son-in-law Ali.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jennifer Thompson June 3, at 9: The skyline is furnished by beautiful ornamental merlons inlaid with marble lining adding grace to the perimeter of the mosque. Aurangzeb chose an architectural plan similar to that of Shah Jehan’s choice for the Jama Masjid in Delhi, though built the Badshahi mosque on a much larger scale.

The walls were built with small kiln-burnt bricks laid in kankar, lime mortar a kind of hydraulic lime but have a veneer of red sandstone.

Lahore famous badshahi mosque all about construction detail badshahi mosque masjin hindi urdu – duration: In essay on badshahi mosque in urdu with the building of the mosque, a new gate was built at the fort, named Alamgiri Gate after the Emperor.