I think you’re under the impression I’m some die-hard right wing FI fan. It’s pretty low offering to pay students to affirm your own bias. Then we’ll see how many hours they really work. Showcase your ideas on public policy and the role of markets by entering our essay competition. Did you bother googling it? I have been told they work sooooo many hours

Also spouses of people who make a decent living. Can we stop calling them think tanks and just start calling them propaganda institutes? I’m claiming teachers are overpaid. Minimum wage has been increasing faster then inflation even before the latest hike. The goverment has needed to step in.

Of course fraser institute essay contest don’t use that term but it is exactly the kind of economics that right wing “think tanks” like the Fraser Institute advocates. There is no such thing as a free market. Maybe you can barely afford a shitty car and a cellphone, but you’re lucky to have a car at all.

Not too long ago the Fraser Institute published a report that claimed the average family was paying significantly more in taxes under Justin Trudeau. Good Intentions, Bad Policy? Of course if the percentage of pie that the rich have stayed the same their overall fraser institute essay contest would go up faster as the pie increased.

They won’t write that because that’s not how you build a good economy. More importantly, me doing better than you doesn’t make you worse off.

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Minimum wage is a neccessary evil while there exists such gross inequality between asset holders and workers but it’s importance is really proportional to that relationship. Being greedy is a natural human condition. Teachers don’t arrive at school right when classes start, and they don’t leave fraser institute essay contest soon as classes end. Showcase your ideas on public policy and the role of markets by entering our essay competition.

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Proponents of a higher minimum wage tout that such increase will be an effective tool for helping those in poverty. Look at their publications regarding social determinants of health first. Heck the IBM heirs literally made their fortunes cataloging jews for Hitler to exterminate, fraser institute essay contest “stealing” from them is immoral? I think we’re way over generalizing groups [insert Jackie Chan meme photo].

Many of them produce complete garbage papers that cherry pick data and methodology in order to confirm their bias, but I guess that’s their job. You could easily write an essay arguing for the other side using your own research if you disagreed with the Fraser Institute’s interpretation of the statistics. In order to claim we are taking something away from them it needs to be established that it is rightfully theirs in the first place.

The future is tech for example – why would you start a tech business in Canada when you can do so way cheaper and better in the U.

I’ve seen some studies by the Fraser Institute that have pretty bad methodological problems or outright ignore data that doesn’t fit their biases.

Fraser Institute essay fraser institute essay contest exploring minimum wage hike as ‘bad policy’ pulled from Ottawa schools cbc. Not sure why you think taking from the rich to give to the poor is moral or effective at improving your society in the long term. The second you take fraser institute essay contest this foundation your society falls apart. I think we’re way over generalizing groups.

A major reason the report cited was due to elimination of income splitting and several minor tax credits for things like arts and sports fraser institute essay contest for children. Tell me again how Walmart is forcing you to shop there Are you pursuing someone with a high level of training or a burger flipper?

Is the selective CRA auditing of non-profit policy research orgs good or bad policy? As if you can take any of their studies seriously. It’s not that they still find it profitable to stay in Canada, they MUST remain in Canada if they want Canadian clientele Why would they want Canadian clientele if they weren’t profitable? Everyone wants and seem to think they deserve more fraser institute essay contest but very few are willing to plant a fraser institute essay contest, water and care for it while being patient as it grows.

You can’t force people to be fraser institute essay contest over the long term, but you can incentivize productive behaviors that grow your economy, which at the end of the day helps everyone. Do you think the rich are against helping anybody? What impact would such an increase have on the Canadian economy? I don’t know if the Fraser Institute ignored it since the CCB isn’t technically a tax cut or just because it didn’t fit their narrative but regardless the results of the report were pretty disingenuous.

I work in private industry and have seen massive waste. The kids that went off to be teachers from from my school days were the smartest and brightest. Or – like how I cite below, when the gov’t lowers their req’d spending by reducing their taxes – literally millions benefit.

The second that stops being the case is when your society loses its productivity. Give them an hourly rate and a punch in clock. Sure, a small percent get very rich but we also see unprecedented technological advances coming from that profit. The system does not work if you apply what fraser institute essay contest just said. Do you agree with every policy initiated by people you have voted for?

It’s absurd that these are considered non-profit charities. That’s not dialogue, skippy. Especially when the economy is good. You lower the corporate tax rate, since people want better profits they will come to fraser institute essay contest country with their business because it’s cheaper. Submit a new text post.

The idea of raising the minimum wage in Canada and in some jurisdictions in the United States is a contentious topic. Is raising the minimum wage an effective way to provide assistance to vulnerable Canadians?