And you will even get an explanation to why the ward is being hit!! Mohans Diabetes Specialities Centre Eternal hr services pvt ltd. Does anyone has some information that can actually help us make a final decision on Shiv Nadar School, Noida? RVS Parent March 13, at 7: I have a very close and rather terrible experience about DAV Sec I am definitely going to give LVIS a good look and see if they will accept her mid term. I would like your opinion on Shikshantar as a school.

I strictly believe that teachers should be left to teach and not pressurised to do business becoz business comes in the way of imparting education. Kankei Relationship Marketing Services Pvt. Anonymous August 24, at 2: We are quite new to Gurgaon. Also, personally when I visited the school on a working day, kids appeared to be very well behaved they wished me and made sure to talk softly to each other while I was standing in the corridor which created a gud impression. Students are being hit there at the drop of a hat, corporal punishment is very much in, teachers have a dead-pan face which is a meter of the state of affairs in a school.

Ltd Focus Corporate alliance Pvt. Hello, we are looking to get our daugther admitted to Suncity world school, Sec in Pre-nursey.

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Anonymous August 7, at Nursery school Gurgaon May 15, at I could only find teachers will a sullen look and students with equally morose look. Hi Atanu, The information in your blog has proved to be a life saviour.

Shikshantar is a good school in the alternate form.

Also, didn’t look like a commercial venture which so many schools in Gurgaon are. Huge amount of holiday homework was given were we as parents were suppose to teach the basics of Hindi language and English cursive too nothing was done at school.

If you want to stick to conventional schools, then my bet would be on Suncity, Shallom Hills and Amity in that order.

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I am told that gurgaon has 2 classes before 1st class However, my friend’s daughter is studying in this school in KG and my friend and his wife are very satisfied. Not a good atmosphere in the school, neither for students nor for students.

Musashi auto parts india pvt. Only advantage is its closer. Indus valley public school noida holiday homework play facilities are not enough. You seem to have committed the same blunder that we had done. I had considered these 2 for my kid’s pre-nursery Have read your post and atleast in a position now that I have shortlisted few schools. Presidium is good in branding but has disappointing set of teachers who suffer because of extreme business pressure and suffers from lack of emphasis on english, specially 57 and DLF.

The schools on my mind are suncity n indus valley public school noida holiday homework valley! Ltd abia hr solutions pvt. Sanjoy Barua October 25, at Ltd HumanCapital Managment Pvt. Really appreciate the effort. I live in Sector – My little neighbour studying in Class i there is in a sorry state Just wondering has anybody of your acquaintances has any direct association with Shalom Hills?

It being a new school, they also are more receptive towards transfer cases et al. I agree that English as medium of conversation is not given due importance in any of the schools.

Career Glitz ANY www. Amisha May 17, at 7: Focus Corporate Alliance Pvt.

I thinktherefore I am: Schools in Gurgaon : a review

And during that small brake children get a lot of HW. Anonymous September 3, at 5: I couldn’t find anything here. Anonymous August 13, at 2: You can also check the following website for some more info http: Would be a great help. Deepten Chatterjee August 7, at 9: RVS Parent March 13, at 7: Repherrals Software Solutions Pvt. Modern style of teaching; child friendly.

He is also keen on extra-curricular activities like theatre, art n craft etc. Anonymous February 27, at 2: I think I will go for them.

We got serious in I am getting a little confused, can anyone share feedback about school. My son is currently at Shalom Hills School.

Anonymous September 5, at 9: If you could suggest some schools Anonymous July 26, at Anyone want to give feedback on Gems International? We applied to LVIS and have indus valley public school noida holiday homework offer of grant of admission from them.

Dey You are a messiah for all worrying parents and thanks for the article. The Gurgaon branch is a pale shadow of the same and tries to bank on the reflected glory.