Make a preliminary plan in your Personal Learning Plan regarding your thesis progress, including the completion of the maturity test. Among other concerns, readers would not be able to use these sources. The abstract should be an independent entity and contain no references to the work it presents one must not write, e. Because the abstract is short, the focus should be on the most interesting part, i. When —the year of publication if unknown, the abbreviation n.

The abstract should be an independent entity and contain no references to the work it presents one must not write, e. The topic should be handled by using up-to-date methods that suit the student’s field of education. The topic may be multi-professional and multi-disciplinary. The thesis report is written in accordance with JAMK’s project reporting instructions. Accessed 15 April Tesso, 2 , 24—

Innovation funding with proven impact. Tutki ja kirjoita [Research and write]. When listing an e-mail message as a source, clarifying jamk thesis template regarding the contents of the message, the sender, and the recipient must be included. If jamk thesis template proportion of appendices to the overall report is large, the type and number of pages of the appendices can be specified under the item Miscellaneous e.

The abstract should contain approximately words, and give information on the subject matter, objectives, methods and results of the work, as well as on possible further applications of the results.

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The following three examples show how to document sources from websites where an author and the year when the source was created or last updated are indicated. They will learn to assess the results jamk thesis template present suggestions for further development.

The basic structure of a bibliographic reference consists of four parts, each of which is described in the following list. An eventual assignor is named at the very beginning of jamk thesis template abstract.

The descriptive part should be clearly organised and contain the following information: Instructions on how to Prepare a Thesis Plan. For the list of references and the description page, the line spacing is 1.

Line spacing for all text pages as well as the table of contents is 1. Before getting too carried away with a writing assignment, it is strongly advised that the page, paragraph, and other style settings of the chosen word processing programme be properly configured. The thesis jamk thesis template and a co-examiner assess the thesis on the basis of JAMK’s general assessment criteria. Jamk thesis template purpose is jamk thesis template provide the reader with basic information on the work in proper form.

7 Appearance of the Thesis – Project Reporting Instructions

Jamk thesis template text font must be clear and easy to read. Indented blocks of directly quoted material do not need to be enclosed in quotation marks. The topic should be handled by using up-to-date methods that suit the student’s field of education.

Minor headings are written using sentence case capitalisation. Starting a Thesis How do students select a subject for their work? Therefore, the writer is advised to follow the instructions for citing personal communications in the text —and to only cite such sources in the text. When necessary, the exact publication or revision date is indicated, for example the publication date of a newspaper or radio broadcast.

Data acquisition and processing abilities, skills to work independently and as a member of various groups, and the practical and theoretical mastery of students’ own professional skills all improve as the studies progress. It is advisable to leave 12 points of empty space before and 18 points after each chapter title, as this helps to make the jamk thesis template of the report look more balanced.

Board jamk thesis template paper mills. Underlining is discouraged as a way to add emphasis to text, since it can be confusing for readers to distinguish between underlined text and hyperlinks, and because certain text markup languages, such as Jamk thesis templatedo not directly support underlining.

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As a rule of thumb, only one key point should be treated in a given paragraph. The volume number, jamk thesis template with the journal title, are presented in italics.

What forms should be jamk thesis template out? E-mail message of 24 February If a list item forms a complete sentence, the first word begins with a capital letter and the sentence ends with the appropriate ending punctuation.

All chapter and subchapter titles, as well as minor headings, are aligned with the left margin along with the body text. The default text size for the report is 12 points. For journal articles paginated by issue, the issue number is enclosed in parentheses and appended to the volume number with no character spacing.

Non-print sources include interviews, telephone conversations, as well as other jamk thesis template oral and non-print personal communications. Instructions of your own school Please, read the instructions of your own school on the Elmo Student login required.

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When the thesis is ready, the student submits it to the Urkund plagiarism prevention system. The recommended amount of space after each paragraph is 12 points. The thesis progresses in a process illustrated in the following chart login required. When a publication has a corporate author, the name of the organization is listed in lieu of the name of the author, and Jamk thesis template is listed as the publisher.

For example, in a thesis about customer service, in addition to jamk thesis template serviceone could specify such keywords as customer orientation and customer relationship. No form of text emphasis may be used for more than one purpose in the same text. Please, read more about the confidential thesis on the website jamk thesis template Reporting and Publicity. The access date of online publications must always be indicated.

Library Services Thesis Sauna one-to-one guidance in database search problems Information Seeking Guidande Learn to Find All library services above are found on the web page: Yle Fem 5 January Read more about thesis guidance on the Elmo Student login required.

For subchapter titles, it jamk thesis template sufficient to leave 6 points of empty space before and after them. Asiakirjan tekstin asettelu ja tunnistetiedot [Layout of documents and identification of data] SFS The margins are to be set as follows: How to do the work in practice?