Years ago while in high school, I read another biography about Pistol Pete “Pistol Pete Maravich” by Bill Gutman and liked it enough that I confession time here swiped it from the library. Now acclaimed author Mark Kriegel has brilliantly captured the saga of an American family: Refine more Format Format. Who can say, today, who will be a legend tomorrow? This superb technician not only takes you through the basics, but he will push any player to their limits. It cannot be argued that he changed basketball. The book is completely riveting even for those who do not recall the glory days of Pistol Pete’s playing days or indeed have never watched a basketball game.

His father was a coach at a college and Pete would do drills for hours after the college practices with his dad. Pete had become a born again Christian and happy for the first time in his short life. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Now in their twenties — and fatherless for most of their lives — they have waged their own struggles with the game and its ghosts. Pete had a few great seasons in the NBA put never lived up to his full potential. Maravich persevered through these hardships and is known as the greatest scorer in college basketball history, averaging 44 points per game. Hard to imagine there will ever be another Pistol Pete.

A must read for either a fan of basketball or of the human spirit. For example, how he bet a kid five dollars that he could spin the ball on his fingers for an hour straight. Mark Kriegel describes the life of Pete in exact detail, using quotes from people associated with Pete, and Pete himself. Even as Pete Maravich became Pistol Pete — a basketball icon for baby pistol pete homework basketball shooting complete — all the Maraviches paid a price.

Kriegel is very descriptive, unfortunately his descriptions are very dry and uninteresting. All those different parts. Apr 17, Leo Jacobowitz added it. Books by Mark Kriegel.

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Press was a great basketball player too as a child. He gave his life to the Lord and led others to Christ. Maravich was born as an average sized child, so he did not have any physical gifts. He drank too much and studied too little. Good but I think there are better ones out there on his life. I was drawn to him as a child because I saw the numbers: Feb 15, Kirk rated it really liked it. The author did seem too limited in the amount of information that he collected about Pete.

I pistol pete homework basketball shooting complete this book because of its genre and the things that happen in this book because of the kind of person I am. Finally when Pete got to the NBA he achieved his goal. His lack of leadership coupled with a gloomy volatility prevented him f Biographies about sports heroes are rarely great literature.

Again, he knocks it down. His college record of most profilific scorer still holds, which averages out to something per game this First of all, this book isn’t all about Pete Maravich. Pistol pete homework basketball shooting complete number of facts were new to me including the fact that Pete Maravich was Serbian, one of a great long line of players before and after from the Balkans.

When Pete finished college he ended up averaging over 45 points per game and set the all-time scoring record, which still stands today. I never got to see him in person but lived in Florida during his last year at LSU. So much talent but so many demons, which he was finally able to overcome before his untimely death.

It also caused him to confuse basketball with salvation. State would come out of it ok—they replaced Press with Norm Sloan. His dream was to make the pistol pete homework basketball shooting complete basketball team and be able to play professional ball just like his dad, but there was some issues he had to face before he was able to conquer his dream. This book I feel takes a while to get going as the beginning is very slow and was challenging for me but once the book started to get going I really enjoyed the book as a whole.

Decades a A very good biography of an obsessed father who makes his pistol pete homework basketball shooting complete into one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Thankfully, he finally found peace toward the end of his life, in an embrace Christianity.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Kriegel then describes Maravich’s career playing college basketball at Louisiana State University, and then playing for the Atla Pistol: Throughout the whole story it was pretty much serious. Kriegel paints a nuanced portrait of a man with faults and positive characteristics.

Almost four decades have passed since Maravich entered the national consciousness as basketball’s boy wizard. Pete stayed in the gym for numerous hours. I thought this book was really good because not only did it teach me about basketball, but it taught me about how to live life too. What do you mean?

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His mother became an alcoholic. The book told how he got where he did by all of the drills and hard work he did, and how he was very successful in the NBA.

Included in the pistol pete homework basketball shooting complete are: Press forced or cajoled or encouraged Pete to practice basketball practically 18 hours a day, mostly working on dribbling and passing.

But he also brought on a lot of his problems.

Pistol Pete is now my idol. Mar 06, Zach Ross added it. Finally, the book shows how taking care of your body, and practicing healthy habitts is very improtant. Site by Cincshite, LLC.