Correct Ans — Relaxing some of the assumptions , Reinterpreting some of the assumptions , Cleansing of existing data. Correct Ans — Sensation , Attention , Perception. Correct Ans — Applied Research. Correct Ans — Presence vs absence. Correct Ans — Attitude scale.

Question – Documentation is the process of collecting and extracting the documents relevant to research. Question — The formal interview the interviewer has full freedom to make alterations in question. Correct Ans — Geographical unit. Question — Non measureable characteristic is incapable of numerical expression. Question – Not having a clear cut and definite theoretical background is one of the difficulties in formulating hypothesis.

Correct Ans — Assumed casual variablesAn outcome measureUnits of assignment. Correct Ans — Relaxing some of the assumptionsReinterpreting some of the assumptionsCleansing of existing data.

Correct Ans — Three. Newer Post Older Post Home. Correct Ans — Simple ranking, Paired comparison rating scale, Constant sum rating scale. Correct Ans — Geographical unit.

Question — Smaller size of the sample helps to collect data more quickly then surveying the entire population. Question – Method employed for drawing inferences are.

Question — According to Barten an optimum sample survey is one which fulfils the requirement of.

Correct Ans — Catalyst. Correct Ans — Method of agreement, Method of difference, Method of residue. Correct Ans — Sampling designObservational designoperational design.

Question — Exploratory research design include. Question — Observation is merely seeing things. Question – The different ranking methods are.

Question – Induction is the reverse of deduction. Correct Ans — Applied Research. Question — Scdl research methodology solved papers should be. Correct Ans — Self report inventories, Psychological measures, projective techniques. Research Methodology and Statistical Quantitative Method. Correct Ans — Search of secondary dataSurvey of knowledgeable personsCase study. Posted by Sunil at 3: Correct Ans — Simple, Clear, Sequential.

Correct Ans — Impersonal. Question — The scientific method deals with both. Question — Hypothesis should agree with already know. Correct Ans — SensationAttentionPerception. Correct Ans — Attitude scale.

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Correct Ans — Camera. Correct Ans — proper study design, Encouragement, Friendly atmosphere. Correct Ans — Problem identification, Statistical analysisCase study. Question – Not having a clear cut and definite theoretical background is one of scdl research methodology solved papers difficulties in formulating scdl research methodology solved papers.

Question — An experiment is designed to measure the effects tf price and advertising on the sales of a product. Correct Ans — Efficiency, Representativeness, flexibility. Question — When employee of a company are classified according to the length of their service, it is called. Correct Ans — Theory and fact.

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Question — which of the following is a form of research typically conducted by teachers, counselors, and other professional to answer questions they have and to specifically help them solve local problems?

The best approach for him would be. Correct Ans — Indirect.