Chapters 7 to 12 deal with traditional arguments for the existence of God, such as the cosmological and teleological arguments, as well as defenses against the traditional arguments from evil and God’s hiddenness. Q – Can additional props be used during a presentation? Clearly, creating four-sided triangles is not one of these powers, as that would contradict the requirement that God only have the ability to do logically possible things. Would such a robotic, simple God engender any admiration, love, and worship from his adherents? Worse still, independent considerations—to which I now turn—also gnaw away at the rigor of Swinburne’s argument!

And “the preference [in terms of simplicity] for the infinite over the large finite applies only to degrees of properties” p. The agent might get immediate sensual gratification from the act such as eating a tasty meal , or emotional gratification such as that derived from performing a kind deed. But if they do not have truth values, it would be misleading to call perfect goodness a property of God, for it would be neither true nor false to say of him that for example he does no morally bad acts p. Yahweh and Allah are possible hypothetical instantiations of the universal “God. Absent his defense of personal explanation, the nagging question of what explains God’s beliefs and intentions cannot avoid infinite regress.

All of these arguments are highly speculative, but what is noteworthy about them is that Swinburne usually concludes that he has presented a good C-inductive argument for God’s existence, and demonstrated that evil and hiddenness do not provide good C-inductive arguments swinburne 3mt thesis theism.

Swinburne’s very definitions of good C-inductive and P-inductive arguments swinburne 3mt thesis on this condition. Would such a robotic, simple God engender any admiration, love, and worship from his adherents? For the most part, these guidelines rest on the criterion of paucity of variables, attributes, and relations.

Or you can dismiss until our next donations drive swinburne 3mt thesis at the beginning of October. Though these properties fall under broad categories, such as the category “powers,” that does not make them indistinct.

Why I Reject the Resurrection — Part 5: The first premise to fail the indisputability test is that substance dualism is true, yet Swinburne’s entire case for personal explanation in chapter 2 depends upon it. Did the presenter convey enthusiasm swinburne 3mt thesis their swinburne 3mt thesis Our researchers are developing these technologies in the areas of electronics, informatics and design, as well as trying to understand the disruptive impact of digital innovation on our communities.

Coordinator, Research Development Email: A – Yes, quotes can be included from a poem or song if it is swinburne 3mt thesis to the presenter’s thesis topic. The God of h Swho Swinburne posits to exist, swinburne 3mt thesis just these attributes and whatever is deductively entailed by them—no more and no less.

Did the presenter capture and maintain their audience’s attention? Eligibility Active PhD and Professional Doctorate Research candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone including candidates whose thesis is under submission by the date of their first presentation are eligible to participate in 3MT competitions at all levels, including swinburne 3mt thesis Asia-Pacific 3MT competition.

All in all, there is equivocation here regarding h —not a very pleasing state of affairs in a rigorous argument. Did the presentation follow a clear and logical sequence? After a long-winded examination, he concludes that unless the agent is under some nonrational influence like “weakness of will,” he will not choose a morally inferior act over a morally superior one against his better judgment. Simplicity is a swinburne 3mt thesis subjective attribute that one can unwittingly project on to the world rather than discover in it.

Not in any rigorous sense according to the precepts of confirmation theory if these are distinct, even if kindred, hypotheses.

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And this is the catch that confounds h S: Swinburne 3mt thesis rests on the following two principles which he argues for. Want to know more? Swinburne is thus curiously silent about what relation h in fact swinburne 3mt thesis to the Gods of actual theistic religions. Focusing only on the major flaws in his argument, I will analyze how and to what degree each flaw undermines the structure of his argument, and alters the force of his conclusions.

Certainly a generic h S would not have had a role in anyone’s religious experience.

Note that my confidence in the existence of my dog sheds no light whatsoever on the existence of my neighbor’s dog. Only h S has no included scriptures. Why I Reject the Resurrection — Part 7: Competitors who are eligible on the swinburne 3mt thesis of their first presentation in their enrolling unit School or Institute competition shall remain so until the Trans-Tasman Final if they progress through to that stage of the competition swinburne 3mt thesis of subsequent changes to their status e.

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If a hypothesis is to adequately explain some phenomenon, we must have grounds for confidence in the truth of this hypothesis; otherwise we might contrive any outlandish ad hoc hypothesis merely to fit the phenomenon without any regard for its truth.

Given the prima facie distinctness swinburne 3mt thesis independence of God’s various powers, an infinite number of divine powers shows that an omnipotent God fails Swinburne’s own test for the simplicity of hypotheses, and of understanding the swinburne 3mt thesis in terms of degree.

These are the only alternatives that Swinburne considers in competition to his h. For obvious reasons, I will not tackle these one by one, but treat them as a whole. Research Research Swinburne Sarawak produces innovative, high-impact and engaged research. In any case, there are far more specific failures in Swinburne’s argument, failures swinburne 3mt thesis which I now turn.

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A – Swinburne 3mt thesis single static PowerPoint slide is permitted. Cumulatively, these layered arguments might incorporate so many “small” errors along the way that the truth of Swinburne’s final conclusion is entirely up in the air.

Again the reasoning is rambling and highly speculative. The paradox is, of course, that Swinburne 3mt thesis does in fact catch and pass swinburne 3mt thesis tortoise. Chapter 3 deals with the justification of explanation. The slide is to be presented from the beginning of the oration. The various “omni” attributes of God and his perfections may be viewed as infinite “values” along those dimensions.

Is this God Yahweh, or the Trinity, or Allah?