I am Thesis user since a lot of years, but also Genesis, or pure WordPress without frameworks with free or premium themes, always looking to create fast and efficient websites. I had become a despised figure within the community, and I got what I deserved. Learn about website optimization, conversion-focused design, and typography with the Pearsonified newsletter. As was the case during the thesis. Shortly after the UDRP ruling, I sent a signed version of the settlement over to Automattic, but at the time of writing, they still have not signed.

So how many people are using the WP survey to tell Matt M what they think of his hijinks? Practice what you preach. I never owned thesis. Hey Matt… what the F is wrong with you and licenses? Keen to see how it unfolds…. Chris, I really do not care what domain you own or what, but I am a client of yours and your theme speaks for itself. It seemed reasonable to me to close comments when it became clear that some of them were based on the lack of information or incorrect assumptions.

Wptavern thesis resurrected it by buying thesis. Many of you have probably read the initial account of what happened on WP Tavern along with all of the comments.


Matt only learned that Thesis 2 carried a proprietary license within the last few days. Thesis gives me the power and simplicity to do some really amazing things. I use that example to say Matt and Chris, you dont have to be friends but understand that this wptavern thesis hurting both of you.

Customized Wptavern thesis You can also add category specific feeds with WordPress. Because of this, replicating the SEO wptavern thesis of WordPress sites on a different platform is quite simple. The actions of Automattic seem childish at worst and wptavern thesis at best.

Several weeks later saw wptavern thesis WordPress was working with WooThemes to create a very similar menu system that is now in the core today. Chris you helped me with my early web work and i truly admire your efforts around thesis. Automattic now owned thesis. Back in the day, I was a big fan of Thesis, and like you said Chris I knew little and had even less interest wptavern thesis the central issues in the ongoing drama.

Of course, the easiest way to answer uncomfortable questions like these is simply to have people stop asking them.

This has to stop. What is the business goal here? Matt has done this without considering the community because his ego is apparently more important.

But I still have mixed feelings about WHY a free software—if that is the right term—company wptavern thesis so up-in-the-arms about license, especially since the usage of themes is to integrate wptavern thesis a skin of the free but licensed interface we know as WordPress.

The Truth About Thesis.com

Wptavern thesis me of the downfall of Couchsurfing… community feeling is starting to get ruined by investors and people who think they should earn money on lots of code and effort given by community wptavern thesis. Again, not very bright. Your site is wonderful!

The root cause of his pettiness is the fact that I refused to do what he wanted. So we have wptavern thesis direct competitor.

The Truth About

Leave the TM alone and move on with life and let us do too. People like Chris, a small to medium sized business owner and more importantly tens of thousands of Thesis users and developers wptavern thesis.

Started noticing that WooThemes wptavern thesis copy a lot of my ideas and implement them without credit at all. Thanks for the clarification.

Publicly you are taking it well and I am sure your new family life helps you keep things in perspective. His wptavern thesis response revives a five-year old licensing disagreement. There is a story someone told about doing business with P Diddy and allegedly, that person felt they were being screwed.

Do you think that between the two of you intelligent guys that you focus on a reasonable solution where you wptavern thesis come out winners?

More important than the GPL, more important than WordPress, and more important wptavern thesis software licensing is that users have a choice with whom they wptavern thesis business, with whom they wish to engage with, and with what themes they want to use.

The rest of the details are fairly meaningless.

Pearson has admitted to being a jerk, wptavern thesis just wants to make a living making a wonderful tool for us web folks. Adam, trademarks existed long before the Internet.

And yes, Matt wants wptavern thesis business to die. Given available evidence—and especially the forwarding of thesis. As was the case during the thesis.

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You can still create stuff and be the amazing mind we all know you are. Shame on him for doing this and using funded money and abusing his power to stoop to such a level. I wptavern thesis watching you and Matt duke it out on mixergy I thought it was a good educational debate about the GPL.

Many of your actions have shown you to be a capricious, arrogant man who bedevils anyone who does not agree with your opinions. Due to this I have read everything I could find wptavern thesis what has just happened and watched the WP TV interview of and also read every wptavern thesis and comment over the last few days. Matt can overturn the entire communities will on a particular feature.

This in fact may very wptavern thesis work into your favor. Do you troll for Melonwag? What possible legal use could wptavern thesis have for this domain?