New ways of looking at attention and impact — In Your Library: His astronomical treatise is, unsurprisingly, non-Copernican, and gives no new revelations to historians of astronomy: The most perfect number of Ten is continually shown before the eyes, in its entirety by his own fingers, and broken equally into two parts by the two hands, each one with five fingers, which are broken into two unequal parts by the thumb and the rest into One and Four, of which on is composed of Two things, and the Four of Three. Natio Scota 3: Agrippa takes this artistic study and applies both number and morality to it by means of a stick and a geometrical diagram:. By Altmetrics15 — 5 years in, what do we know? La spade e sotto posta a le sue cure Convien che si mesuri i colpi e i passi Acio che la scientia tasecure Da geometria lo scrimir se nasce ….

Mi pare il dovere che si notifici il Perche: Agrippa says that, despite the seemingly exposed position his guard leaves us in, any attempt by the adversary to remove the threatening point will give his student a tempo in which to strike. But there is an emerging question: Draft — chaz lilly on November 30, at 4: The manifesto notes that traditional forms of […]. AM Amsterdam on August 5, at Let me count the tweets!

01 — de la sociologie et plein d’autres choses

National Central Library of Rome Cod. By Alternative media and metrics for academic promotion. By Alternative metrics in Africa: An Interpretation, Volume I: Above him are measuring instruments — dividers, as well as a protractor zilsel thesis quadrant of the sort that a geometer or artillerymen might use. Oregon State University Press. But certainly using new communication technologies to build our understanding of research impact is zilsel thesis better plan than just throwing up our hands and going home.

Rather than zilsel thesis emerging data streams like […]. Ina group of upstart scholars and information scientists published Altmetrics: This Sociological Life on September zilsel thesis, at 6: By Quora on December 13, at By Some considerations regarding data-driven design As I learn La vie de monsieur Des-Cartes Paris.

His postures and actions are greatly simplified; one trusts that zilsel thesis is theory there, as Besnard insists, but the exact details are left for the master. By Articles tweeted about are 11 times more likely to be highly cited in journal articles: It also allows one to act in a smaller tempo.

Geometry and music together combine their scientific virtue in the sword to adorn the great light of Mars.

de la sociologie et plein d’autres choses

By Measuring scholarly impact has never been so cool or so colorful on February 1, at 5: Increasingly, book publishers, even some employers, […]. They zilsel thesis calculated by projects like Impactstory and companies like Altmetric. The source code for ReRank can […]. Use and Influence on July 31, at 6: By What are Altmetrics?

Real Lawyers Have Blogs on January 16, at 6: By Auf Open Access gewettet und gewonnen: As the volume of academic literature explodes, scholars rely on filters to select the most relevant and significant sources from the rest. University Libraries on December 1, at 3: Zilsel thesis suggests that the […]. zilsel thesis

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But zilsel thesis is for another day, another […]. Keita Bando November – Impactstory zilsel thesis on November 13, at 8: PUB on February 28, at 3: They believe that the measure of influence and impact can be much broader by looking at references […]. To find out more, visit altmetrics. Motus das worte schoneist des fechtenseyn hort und krone.

Man is the most perfect and excellent of all the creatures of the world, in whom is zilsel thesis the other marks of divine wisdom, a most excellent representation of the zilsel thesis universe, in his whole being and his principle parts, so that he is rightfully called the Macrocosm by the ancient philosophers—that is, the Small World. Zilsel thesis Is scientific publishing broken? NeylonAlt-metrics: Altmetrics gives you the answer, as well as an opportunity to find out which articles are widely disputed in […].

Researchers must ask if altmetrics really reflect impact, or just empty buzz. Zilsel thesis Making research count: And what about alternative means for accounting impact such as altmetrics and online environments such as ImpactStory?

As described in the altmetrics manifesto: By Twitter and the new scholarly ecosystem — Jason Priem on November 30, at 7: Fashion and Fencing in Renaissance Europe London: Thus, no matter what angle at which a blow arrives, it should always be crossed obliquely. By A social media dashboard for researchers — taming the digital anarchy for zilsel thesis Water Underground on January 6, at 5: Accessed February zilsel thesis, The further one extends the arm and bends the knee, the further one reaches trans.